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First office call: anticipate 90 minutes, a Q&A period, and the treatment, subsequent treatments expect one hour.

The Combo

Half acupuncture/half bodywork- the treatment involves a Q&A period, the treatment, and 20+ minutes of resting with the needles, then a deep tissue massage for 20+ minutes.


I have over thirteen years of experience in massage. I have worked doing massage for all of those years, and feel very proud that I still enjoy it. Massage is very hard work on many levels and I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each session. I work mainly in deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial techniques.

Facial Bodywork

Our facial muscles and jaw hold an immense amount of stress. I work deeply in the jaw region to loosen this tension. A massage on surrounding facial muscles helps ease the look of stress in the face. A jade roller is used to tone and cool the skin. Then enjoy a little work on the neck.


For your convenience, I have provided new patient forms for acupuncture and bodywork. You can fill these out at your leisure and bring them to your first appointment:
Acupunture new patient form (PDF)
All other treatments new patient form (PDF)
Notice of policies and procedures (PDF)